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The Dinner Party Strategy: A SaaS Customer Onboarding Framework That Connects and Converts

Val Geisler

#emailgeek writing Onboarding Tear Downs. Email conversion strategist & copywriter. Mom, feminist, avid reader.

Columbus, OH
Val Geisler

Here's an email onboarding strategy made to stick in your brain.

If you send emails to your list, but feel completely overwhelmed at the idea of segmenting your list and don't want to over-email your list, this is for you.

Val Geisler

  • Email marketing conversion copywriter + strategist
  • Worked in-house as the #1 marketer at an email marketing software
  • Email onboarding tear downs on Val's website
  • Obsessed with churn reduction through email
  • Worked with brands like AccessAlly, Pick, Beacon, Podia, Acuity Scheduling, and more

Email Marketing Dinner Party Strategy

There's no one right answer for email marketing. Test everything and you can be an email pro! If you wrote your campaign years ago, it's time to revisit it.

Plan your email campaign like you would plan a dinner party

Start your email marketing by just saying hi!

"just saying hey" is a great friendly way to start your email onboarding party

As an apatizer, add value:

The main course is your product (you wouldn't serve the main course as the first course, right?):

The main course of email marketing is your product

Side dishes offer more value

Super long copy works if your users are already hungry

Offer your users a dessert bonus!


Once you've had your guests for dinner, invite them back!

Extending a user's trial is a great way to get them to come back

Avoid the SPAM trap

Above all else, be useful, get personal, and limit distractions.


Creating high value onboarding campaigns for your customers is so doable. Building and connecting with new customers has revolutionized Val's client’s businesses

This is NOT just theory. This is exactly what Val does every day with her clients, and they are exactly the same principles you can use on for any campaign (onboarding, retention, etc.).


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