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80/20 Marketing – what's crushing it right now

Taylor Hendricksen

Taylor Hendricksen

This recap is bad. Check back in a few weeks and I'll have unpacked everything Taylor said.

First off: this isn't about buildinga massive business, it's about being able to spend time having dinner with your family.

Hendricksen owns, operates, and advises multiple 6-7 figure businesses. He has backend access to $100M companies and their experts. The advice in this talk has been battle tested at scale and works across different types of businesses.

1. Truths & Mythunderstandings

40 days and 11+ touches

Demographic & Query are Blurring

SaaS == eCommerce == Digital Products

Machine Learning is Taking Over

Humans can look at hundreds of buyer signals, like age, gender, location, and keywords. Machines can look at over 300M: purchases, searches, videos, time, apps, buying habits, and more.

If you can't afford to profitably acquire a customer, you don't have a business - you have an opportunity. Business is about building a machine you can put $1 in and get $2 out.

Organic SEO

Growing Organic SEO

Get 4x better pillar content by writing posts over 5,000 words with a table of contents and rich media.

Rich media means multiple content mediums (text, audio, and video). If your original content is audio or video, throw it into Amazon Poly to get it transcribed and post the text content alongside.

Add as much schema markup as possible. MarketMuse

Ad Content

Structure your ad content like a normal conversation (PDF, dealing with objections).

Emojis, gifs, and low-budget shaky selfie videos work well because they feel more real.

Paid | Facebook

Things working well for Facebook ads in 2019 are:

  • Lookalike Audiences
  • Campaign budget optimization (CBO)
  • Video Ad retargeting: you can get video views for a few cents each.

Paid | Google

Things working well for Google ads in 2019 are:

  • Custom Intent & Affinity Audiences
  • Similar to audiences (lookalike)
  • YouTube TruView for Action
  • GDN Smart Display Campaigns

2. 80/20 Marketing: Traffic, Conersions, and Maximizing customer value

Email conversion content-type opt-in, and the product itself.

As a developer you can forget you're not selling a piece of software. You're selling an outcome.

Instead of "scheduling software," you sell "never feel embarassed about missing a meeting again."

Give them exactly what they want

Instant & Personalized Results

Quizzes & Calculators

  • Qualitative => Quantitive
  • Micro-Commiments
  • Agitate the Pain
  • Detailed Analytics & Data
  • Viral, Standalone and Paid Traffic Potential

Email Marketing

  • SOAP Style AutoResponer Madness
  • Text Only Emails
    • <3 links
    • no images (especially linked)
    • Unsubscribe as only text
    • From a Human Name
    • Encourage Replies

3. 80/20^2 (Ninja Shit)

You may think you have an optimization problem, but you probably have a maximization problem.

Make a Great Offer

  • Focus on Solving their Pains
  • Bold Guarantee - 200% Money Back
  • $1 Trial
  • Price Anchoring
  • Awesome Bonus Gifts

Increase Customer Values

  • Give Ability to Pay More
    • premium packages/bundles
    • add-on services
  • One-Click Upsells
  • Sell More Stuff!
  • Long-Term Affiliate Sequence

Nip Churn

Solve a problem / deep desire.

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