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When's it time to pay for help?

Sophia Dagnon

I write conversion-focused copy for tech companies by getting into your customers' heads using strictly non-invasive tactics.

Houston, TX
Sophia Dagnon

Terrible reasons to hire help:

  1. Everyone else is doing it
  2. That person you super admire casually said you probably should.
  3. It's the industry standard.
  4. You're tired and things are hard and help sounds good.

What you really need to hire someone is money, a good plan (especially what you want your business to look like in the long term), and time to invest.

Ask yourself:

  1. What do I really need to grow my buiness? This only works if you get brutally honest with yourself.
  2. Imagine you hired someone to help you. What does success look like three months from now? What about in a year? What have you accomplished? What's different, and what's not?
  3. Have you found someone you can trust? If not, things will start sucking pretty fast. You need to find something you can work well with, and is someone you can trust to invest in your business.

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