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Patti Haus

B2B/SaaS conversion copywriter. Helping businesses get higher conversions with targeted messaging. patti@pattihaus.com

Regina, Saskatchewan
Patti Haus

To write better copy, think like a CSI investigator.

The life of a crime scene investigator is:

  • conducting research on a victim
  • gathering evidence
  • creating a hypothesis
  • testing the hypothesis
  • arresting someone

The life of a copywrighter means:

  • conducting research on prospects
  • gathering evidence
  • creating a hypothesis
  • selling stuff

Let's try that out by buying two gifts: one for your 5-year old son, and another for your office white elephant gift exchange.

Your son's gift is pretty simple to buy. You know he likes Star Wars and Legos. A Star Wars lego set would be perfect.

Buying something for your office white elephant gift exchange is much harder. The recipient could be any gender, any age, and any profession. Maybe a puppy calendar?

This difference in gift quality is the difference between writing for someone you know and understand, and someone you don't.

Traditionally, we think of things the IRS cares about when we think of our ideal customer: their age, gender, location, income, and employer.

To understand your customer, though, you need to know the BFF stuff: the things they complain about, their dreams for the future, and what was going on in their life when they went searching for a solution like yours.

How can you get in the head of your prospects? Voice of customer research. This will help you find the message you need to use in your copy, write headlines, and avoid wasting time on messages that appeal to you but not your client.

The best ways to conduct this research are with customer interviews, review mining, customer surveys, and testimonial reviewing.

Mint Autopsy

Let's break down Mint's sales copy.

First, gather some testimonials. Before using mint:

  • “I don't feel like we were out of control, but just constantly playing catch up”
  • “The late payment penalties on my credit card are killing me”
  • “What did we buy this month? Where did it all go? We have no money”
  • “I am not 100% comfortable with adding my banking information to this app”
  • “I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck”

And after:

  • “I can breathe easier”
  • “I feel more responsible, less stressed and even excited about my future”
  • “...has given me hope and direction, two things that I desperately need at this point in my life.”
  • “I feel like I find extra money every month just by budgeting”

"It's all coming together" is a worse headline than "Breath easier."

"Effortlessly stay on top of bills" is a worse headline than "Never get a late bill paymetn penalty again"

"Get started simply and securely" is a worse headline than "Your information is always secure"

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