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How to Launch and Scale Your Business With Facebook Ads

Mojca Žove (Mars)

Founder, Super Spicy Media

Founder of Super Spicy Media. Facebook Ads Expert. Alpha Female. Geek. Coffee lover. Full-time dinosaur. Buy my book: https://t.co/rqsBtZxOFg

Mojca Žove (Mars)



Family is the most important reason for doing the microconf thing

About Mojca

You can do weird shit in vegas.

Mojca works with companies to help them run facebook ad campaigns.

In the past, common sense was not to do B2B facebooks ads. Mojca launched Super Spicy Sessions to make a semiautomated pipeline to run campaigns to businesses. It worked super well.

Facebooks Ads

Why aren't you doing facebook ads?

Common reasons not to do facebook ads are:

  • complicated
  • time-consuming
  • expensive: I spent $1k and nothing happened!
  • don't know where to start

These are excuses - throw them out and let's talk strategy.

It used to be super hard to get in front of people. Now you can get in front of people for $10 - take advantage of the new technology!

Why Most Facebook Advertising Campaigns Fail

Usually, facebook campaigns fail from:

  1. Selling to cold audiences directly: you wouldn't knock on a stranger's door and ask to sell them a $50 ebook - they wouldn't trust you! You haven't built any authority. This is a bad idea.
  2. Wanting to close the deal too quickly: someone that has visited your homepage isn't a customer prospect. You need to build up more trust first.
  3. Optimizing for the wrong metrics: you probably don't want to optimize for clicks.

Before you launch your first campaign (even if you don't plan to advertise on facebook soon), spend two minutes implementing the Facebook Pixel - a code that lets you track your audience's behavior

Check out Facebook's guide to implementing the Faceboo Pixel

Facebook advertising Funnel

A typical facebook ad funnel looks like:

  1. Attract visitors
  2. Generate leads
  3. Close sales

For each layer, define:

  • what is the goal of this campaign? what do I want to achieve?
  • what is the asset I want to promote?
  • who is the audience I want to reach?
  • what's the approach that I need to take to achieve that goal?

1. Attract Visiitors


  • Make the first connection through value.
  • Build trust and establish authority.
  • Facebook pixel tag so you can collect people in an audience and retarget them later.


Something your audience can implement theirselves.

  • Valuable blog posts.
  • Video content. Facebook is really strong on video. You don't need professional gear - videos taken with your phone in 5 minutes are fine. Talk about something valuable.

Don't know what to promote? Look at your popular blog posts.

(cold) Audience

There are two approaches you can take:

  • Interest Targeting: target people based on what they like. You can target competitors.
  • Lookalike Audiences: upload your existing customer email list and facebook finds more people similar to that audience with AI magic 😲🧙‍

Note from Christian: advertisers are the true customer of facebook. It's a fantastic service


  • Powerful headline
  • Branded design

"How to get paid 100% Upfront" is a powerful headline because it sparks the audience's interest. The copy came directly from his audience.

2. Generate Leads


The goal in generating leads is to use your first transaction to filter a qualifying audience.


Make sure your asset is actually valuable. It can take the form of:

  • Ebook
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Checklist
  • Email course
  • Free Trial

(retargeted) Audience

  • Blog post readers
  • Top webpage visitors
  • Contact page visitors: they were actively looking for a way to contact you. Maybe they didn't have time? ¯\_(ツ)_


  • Reiterate pain
  • Specific outcome
  • Clear & strong CTA

A great lead generation ad. Specific language, branded design, clear call to action - join egghead!

Another great lead generation ad with less copy for a timetracking app for construction companies. Reiterate the pain. Great way to generate leads or close sales.

3. Close Sales


  • Profits
  • Scaling your business (easy if we've done the previous steps correctly)


Restaurants start you with a tiny appetizer then work up to the main course. Don't offer the $5k consulting right away - start with something smaller and scale up.

  • Tripwire product: if you have a super expensive product, try pitching a more affordable product
  • Productized service
  • Software

(retargeting) audience

  • Existing Leads
  • Pricing Page Visitors: maybe they forgot! Maybe they were on their iPhone and couldn't sign up
  • Sales Page Visitors


  • Creative: Focus on specific buyer persona. CEOs of construction companies? Talk specifically to them. Service business providers? Talk specifically to them.
  • Communicate specific value proposition. What will they get out of this?
  • Social proof & Testimonials

CEO Warrior is a coaching company for service business providers. Take the words from your audience and put it in your ad.

"Do you remember those boring 8-hour courses you had to sit through?" - YES!

The main problem ClockShark's audience has is dealing with paper timesheets. This ad just takes their audience's words and uses it. Be specific.

Your customers are willing to support you if you ask.




Facebook ads can convert a complete stranger into a prospect by offering them value. A prospect with a lead magnet can convert into a lead. A lead converts into a customer 💸

Facebook ad qualifying process

This is hard. Did your first blog post become viral? Was your first business amazing and really successful? It's going to take you a couple of times. Don't give up!


Follow @mojcamars, email her, and download her slides.

Facebook cuts long copy off at 2 lines. Is it worth it? Your images also had a lot of text, which facebook doesn't like

I know it sounds weird, but people read long copy. We did hundreds of A/B tests between long and short form copy. Long form performed way better than short form copy every single time. Test it yourself.

Facebook's visual rule is not to use more than 20% of your image for text. Facebook limits the reach on text more than that, but images with text convert way better. Experiment with it - you'll learn a lot.

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