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Matt Molter

Founder and CEO of Agency360.

Matt Molter

You'll learn:

  1. How to make sure a job candidate can do the job you're hiring them for
  2. How to find the perfect person for your job
  3. How to keep new hires confident they're doing a great job

Matt Molter

Matt Molter was a police officer for 11 years, then started Agency360 - a SaaS tool for tracking new hires for police departments and 911 centers.

3 ago, Molter realized he needed help, so he started hiring. He'd heard the classic advice ("A people hire other A people") and listened to Rob and Mike's hiring advice on their podcast, yet still made several hiring mistakes hiring his first five employees.

In this talk, Molter offers his tips for not falling for the same hiring mistakes he did so you can avoid the stress and pain of a bad hire.

You can reach Matt at matt@agency360.com

1. Know What You Are Looking For

Before you hire someone, define precisely what you want from them.

Make sure you've answered:

  1. What you need (ex: "someone who cares about sales more than I do")
  2. What culture you're creating
  3. What your new hire will do (ex: "60% of your time will be on inbound leads and emails, 30% on outbound things, and 10% random stuff because we're a small company")
  4. Why your new hire should work for you

What does a good job look like? Job applicants love specific job descriptions.

2. Don't Be Desperate

Don't just hire the first available person - take as much time as you need to find the right person. A bad hire can cost you months or years.

Make sure you're thinking about:

  1. What location do they reside? (ex: Sales Managers can be found on linkedin)
  2. Who might know these people? (ex: ask friends and family if they know someone)
  3. Where do/have they worked?
  4. Why should they switch?

An outbound cold email for a potential candidate might look like this:

Hi (Name),

I am the founder of a growing software company out of Launch Fishers. As we continue to expand we are looking for a sales manager. Looking at your background we might be a good fit for each other. Do you have a few minutes to grab coffee and discuss?


3. Ensure They Have the Right Skills

Don't just rely on a reference to know if a candidate is right for your job. Potential hires aren't necessarily qualified because they worked for a big company. Bring them in for a longer interview and directly test:

  1. Have they done this before?
  2. What is their thought process?
  3. Are they driven to improve?
  4. Do they work well with the team?

The cream of the crop rises quickly with open-ended real-world-mocked tests.

After the test, ask your candidate how they think they did. You'll learn a lot about how they work.

A real-world exercise Matt uses to test Sales Manager candidate skills.

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