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Micropreneur Hiring, get the right team so you can relax a little

Matt Molter

Matthew founded Agency360, but screwed up in hiring his team.

Looking back, he sees hiring as a banana peal trap. If you do it wrong, it can be super stressful and lead to lost revenue.

1. Know What You Are Looking For

Put a lot of work into the job description. Make sure you're answering:

  1. What do you need?
  2. What culture are you creating?
  3. What will the person do?
  4. Why should they work for you?

Be as transparent as possible. If you're hiring a sales manager, let them know 60% of their time will be working on inbound leads and emails, but 30% of your time should be on outbound things, and 10% will definitely be on random stuff because we're a small company.

Define what success looks like for your job applicants

2. Don’t Be Desperate

Don't just hire the first available person. Being able to wait for the right person will get you better people. Make sure you're thinking about:

  1. What location do they reside?
  2. Who might know these people?
  3. Where do/have they worked?
  4. Why should they switch?

3. Ensure They Have the Right Skills

Don't just rely on a reference. Potential hires aren't necessarily qualified because they worked for a big company. Bring them in for a longer interview and directly test:

  1. Have they done this before?
  2. What is their thought process?
  3. Are they driven to improve?
  4. Do they work well with the team?

The cream of the crop rises quickly with open-ended real-world-mocked tests.

Give potential hires exercises to directly test their skills


To hire better (and not step on the banana peal trap of hiring):

  1. Be clear about the job
  2. Don't be desperate
  3. Make sure they have the right skills


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