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Jonathan Zacks

Multiple entrepreneur. Co-founder of @GoReminders. Consulting company: https://t.co/ZeZNFiCbOX. Directing tech at @jdforward. @IndieHackers ambassador.

Jonathan Zacks

Download Jonathan's slides and his outline of this talk.

Here's an easy tactic for getting more organic traffic from search engines.

About half to 2/3rds of sites from Microconf attendees have less than 100 organic links per month. This talk is for them.

What's the tactic? Add more informational pages to your website.

To do that, first think about how you and your customers describe your product. What main features can you talk about? What other angles can you come at your product from? Spend half an hour coming up with a list of words and phrases.

Next, figure out what topics to write about, and what other words to include on those pages. Put your list into the ahrefs keyword explorer. Save that list for later.

Do the same process for your site and your competitor's site to see what keywords your space is ranking for.

Go back to ahrefs keyword explorer and put all of those keywords into one list to sort the list by popularity. Pick the top five topics to make pages around, and get a list of supporting keywords for each of those topics.

When creating the pages, target 500-1,500 words. Be sure to use your main keywords and caption your images. Go back through your page and add any supporting keywords that make sense to add.

Next, make Google aware of your pages. Link your pages in your footer. Where relevant, link between your pages and link to your new pages from other pages on your site. It also helps to post your pages on social media.

Now it's time to wait and check the results!

As long as your site is clean, it loads fast, and your basic technical SEO aspects are covered, you should succeed in getting more organic traffic.

For questions, contact Jonathan Zacks on twitter. His SEO agency is Make It All Work and his appointment reminder SaaS startup is GoReminders.

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