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The Case Against Growth

Dave Kiss

Making stuff for the internet and sharing what I learn along the way. @vimeography @aceblocks @createinternet

Cleveland, OH
Dave Kiss

Dave's main product is a Wordpress Plugin, Vimeography.

1. Redefine Growth

Rethink what you think you know about growth; it's not necessarily about getting bigger.

Dave's idea of growth is closer to the metal: having better relationships with people.

As an example, Dave set up a chat app on his website that goes directly to his cellphone. Having more authentic relationships turns customers into his sales team.

The Parable of the Fisherman @davekiss

2. Know your reasons

Are you growing your business because you think you have to? You could probably get a bigger ROI from focusing on what you actually want.

"Growing" could look like:

  • improving your UX
  • clarifying your documentaiton
  • maximizing process efficiency
  • cultivating deeper relationships
  • redesigning your onboarding
  • raising your prices

3. Avoid Compulsively Making things Worse

Impulsive growth can:

  • Introduce additional risk
  • Slow the decision-making process
  • Bring on extreme technical debt
  • Increase chances of burnout

Do not skip steps. Think this through. Grow within your means.

Look, The internet is the best business platform ever created. Learn in your bedroom on YouTube, reach the other end of the globe

Keep that ambition in check. First decide what you want to be and build that into the core of your company.

The secret to the best way to scale your company is not a book or an app or a podcast: Being YOU!

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