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Sponsorships the Devchat Way

Charles Max Wood

Host of @rubyrogues, @jsjabber, @freelancershow, @iphreaks, and @angularpodcast. Podcaster, Programmer, Husband, Dad, Mormon (Christian), Conservative

Charles Max Wood

Wood automated the process of getting sponsorships for his podcasts on devchat.tv. He kept his average invoice at $10k, and the average invoice was still 8 weeks long, but he raised his fill rate from 42% to 86%.

Charles Max Wood's outreach follow up schedule.

How? He reached out to more companies, which meant they scheduled more calls, which meant more sponsorships sold. Wood also set a schedule to follow up on renewals.

Charles Max Wood manages his outreach checklist on HubSpot.

How do you identify targets to put in the funnel?

Look for companies:

  • that market to software developers
  • spending money to reach software developers
  • that employ people I know
  • that are sponsors of other podcasts or conferences

Internet stalk marketing people by:

  • Finding the company on LinkedIn
  • Making LinkedIn list their employees
  • Searching the employees for people with Marketing in their title
  • Taking that name and use hunter.io to find their email address
  • Adding the contact and information to Hubspot

Next, schedule a sales call! You can use meetings.hubspot.com.


Once you build a process, you can automate it further by:

  • Hire someone to do my prospecting for me. Have them handle renewals.
  • This is how I’ve maintained the fill rate.
  • Write a follow up sequence about how to sponsor podcasts
  • Record videos and have someone else actually write the emails.

For questions, email Chuck at chuck@devchat.tv.

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