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How My Weekly Podcast Runs Itself

Brian Casel

I write and teach at https://productizeandscale.com/ // I run https://audienceops.com/ // I co-host the http://bootstrappedweb.com/ podcast.

Orange, CT
Brian Casel

~64.35% of Brian's customers came from hearing me on a podcast: either Bootstrapped Web or Productize Podcast.

With every project Brian starts, he asks "how can I sustain this after I stop working on it?"

For a podcast, Brian really only wants to be interviewing interesting people, not:

  • finding interesting people to interview
  • researching interesting people
  • handling inviting people and scheduling
  • audio editing and mixing
  • writing show notes with links and transcriptions
  • designing a featured image
  • uploading and publishing in WordPress
  • sending new episodes to my email list
  • posting new episodes to my social media accounts
  • emailing the guest their published episode
  • report on listener stats and trends

This stuff needs to get done, so Brian set up a process to get them done automatically.

As an example, here's what that process looks like for finding interesting guests:

  1. Manually find the first few guests
  2. List places where interesting guests can be found (like other podcasts, communities, customers, etc.)
  3. Producer/editor suggests potential guests from those places in a gravity form with a brief (website, point of interest, other interviews)
  4. Brian approves or denies the suggestion with a reason why (so the process can be improved)
  5. Producer invites the guest
  6. Guest books on Brian's calendar

Audience Ops is starting up a new service for podcasting that does this process for you.

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