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SaaS Integration Strategies That Won't Drive You Crazy

Adam DuVander

With APIs and people, anything is possible. Mostly it's the people. I help dev-focused companies educate and inspire. Previously @zapier, @sendgrid

Portland, OR
Adam DuVander

Everybody loves integrations, much more authentically than everybody loves Raymond.

Customers feel a lot of pain around integrations.

1. Identify Integration Building Blocks

What is an integration, though? You can integrate with a new platform in many ways, and you'll need to make a choice on how customizable vs. opionated you want to be.

2. Leverage Integration Platform As a Service (IPASS) the right way

Zapier and IFTTT are IPASS platforms. It's easy to make the mistake of building a surface-level integration and moving on. As part of building your integration, you may need to completely overhaul your API.

As an example, if your users would want to be continually polling an API endpoint, it may make more sense for you to add support for webhooks.

3. Spy on users so you build what they want

Look at what integrations your users are searching for. Learn the integrations they want

Zapier Partner API, API Deck, and Open Channel.

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For more, and two great jokes, check out everydaydeveloper.com/integrations.

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